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Find Out Why We Should Not Miss Staycation at Sofitel Sentosa

1 Jul 2021 - 13:18

Staycation at Sofitel Sentosa gives us a memorable experience. It can be a way for stress relief. Additionally, the package offered is various and can make us feel pleasure. From the accommodation name, we know where this resort settled. The below information shares why we must do a staycation at Sofitel.

Represent Sentosa

The hotel enables us to explore its wonderful amenities as well as its surrounding environment. We will stay in the luxury accommodation that provides us with a local beach nearby. The place is spacious and enables us to explore more on each part of it. From the main entrance, we can traverse its vast lobby. Going inside, view its garden exposing the tropical atmosphere.

Capture Instaworthy Spot

Upon arrival at Sofitel Sentosa, we can directly do a self-check-in. Remember to always follow health and safety measures on the property. This place serves us with a high standard of hygiene.

Take a stroll and explore the interior and exterior of the property. Capture some wonderful moments with your beloved one, and do not miss the chance to post our photo on Instagram. Show the world how amazing the property is.

Pools and Daybeds are Everywhere

Each accommodation offers swimming pools in various designs and settings. It also happens to Sofitel Sentosa, where we can explore and enjoy the pools. Never miss the opportunity to enjoy the daybeds too.

The design is so inviting and makes us want to sit there the whole evening. Snap some pictures of its ultra-chic daybeds. The in-house guests are allowed to drink cocktails in the poolside to refresh our day.

Dine Like A Royal

Having a staycation at Sofitel Sentosa enables us to enjoy menus from multiple restaurants. Select between Kwee Zeen and The Garden. Each provides a different style of menus.

Kwee Zeen serves us a buffet with international menus, from pastry to dessert. Eating here makes us experience as if a European Royalty.

Meanwhile, The Garden serves us healthier menu options. The food here has a delicious taste and is served in a wise portion.

Experience The Spa

Each luxury accommodation owned a spa, and this property is known because of its spa. For its staycation, it offers us the package with the best deal.

The spa building is spacious with 6,000 square meters of width. The spa therapist serves us with local and French massage techniques.

For 1 hour treatment, guests can get free access to other spa garden facilities. Here, we can experience the mud pool, galaxy steam rooms, and meditative labyrinth.

Enjoy Beachside Property

Situated on the beachside, Sofitel Sentosa allows us to experience the beach from our backyard. The nearby beach is Tanjong Beach. Discover a secret pathway to access the beach from this place.

Besides, there are also other nearby beaches that we can explore. They are Siloso and Palawan Beach. All of them are a perfect spot to spend a relaxing day. So, do you want to stay there in your vacation?